Experience nature - walking tours


The Bluntautal is always great l! The possibilities are manifold:
just enjoy a relaxing day, with a delicious picnic next to the beck. Let the children „splash around“ in the water, build embankment dams, ...
or take a walk to the lakes and watch the fishermen, in the woods search for enchanted fairies and dwarfs, who love to hide behind mossy rocks and tree roots, listen to the singing birds in the trees…

Gollinger waterfall

A walking tour to the Gollinger waterfall speaks for itself. Or enjoy a “walk “along the waterfall path. It connects the land guesthouse Torrenerhof with the guesthouse Göllhof (wonderful playgrounds always with some animals running around). However you should consider that, depending on the age of your children one route could be sufficient. Therefore it would be advisable to clarify the „coming back“problem beforehand.

Salzach / Lammer

The Salzach-Lammer- round is not only nice for a walk (also with buggy or pram) but also offers various „adventures“: the „beach" respectively the copse infront offer a great setting for playing Indians or scouts.
The Lammer-island is an "insider tip" for bathing (beautiful sands for the children). However it is not always easy to get to as you will have to wade through water.


The Salzachöfen are very impressive. Take a pleasant walking tour through the woods, the foaming water proves to be a great diversion for the children.
Starting from the guesthouse Pass-Lueg-Höhe an additional cultural nature trail follows the history of Golling.


The Trattberg is an ideal hiking area for families. With many "short-cuts" the walking tour - to any alp - can be arranged as you please. There are always beautiful flowers and amazing stones to find making mummy’s and daddy’s rucksack heavier and heavier as they go along.

Scheffauer nature trail in the woods with a round tour to the old mill

In Scheffau starting from the Engelhartswirt this walking tour is especially recommendable for hot summer days because it leads straight through the woods alongside a beck. On various trees, signs describe everything you need to know about „trees“ and their usage. In spring it is worth while to make a trip to the Winnerfall which only has water when the snow melts.


In actual fact there is no such thing as”bad“weather but only the wrong outfit … With the right weather proofing - best from top to bottom – even walking tours can be fun. Hopping through puddles sometimes even enhances the children’s positive experience! Should you however still decide to stick with the "indoor programme" we would make following suggestions:


Nearly all of our parishes have a local museum of which their history can even be interesting for children. The museum Burg Golling even exhibits a large collection of fossils. - For children a visit to this „knight’s castle" with the "old snails" is always a great experience. In Hallein in the Celtic museum you can discover all the interesting things about salt mining and the Celts.


In the library Puch you can not only borrow books but also games! Other villages of the Tennengauer Salzachtal also have well – assorted libraries, some even offer Internet access.

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pools can be found in Kuchl , Bad Vigaun and Hallein!

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