Horsedrawn Sleigh Ride, Tobogganing......

Horsedrawn Sleigh Ride

Wrapped in warm blankets, the clear, cold winter air on your cheeks, the steaming horses in front of you, surrounded by a snow covered landscape, gliding seemingly effortless through the snow- a sleigh ride seems like a winter fairy tale.


Wrapped in warm clothes you first walk up the toboggan run. Once arrived at the top you deserve a refreshment and then off you go- the air stream soughs around your ears – watch out that your toboggan doesn’t get too fast – unfortunately the pleasure has once again only lasted a short while!

Tobogganing is always fun– at day time or at night!

There are plenty of nature –toboggan runs – however you will mostly have to be prepared to first walk, up to 1 1/2 hours.

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